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“I started painting about 7 years ago. I woke up one morning with a passion to paint and this has never left me, but I soon found I needed a little help. I started lessons with Joy Nieuwenhuys. This gave me the basics and some confidence. Next I went to Don Hutchison's class which freed me up to explore painting abstract, and Louise Stanton has helped me heaps with drawing.

Art has given me a new learning experience to last the rest of my life as I work towards a harmony of shape and colour.”

Louise outside Gallery 2453 in Dorrigo

Louise outside Gallery 2453 in Dorrigo


“Hi I'm Louise

I touched on art, eons ago, in my youth at school. Fast forward to the last decade in Dorrigo where I rediscovered this long-lost love.

Painting for me is fun... well most of the time! I love disappearing into a world of shapes, patterns and colour that somehow link together. Time disappears. 

Sometimes it can be a difficult journey but I am learning to trust the materials and the process. 

Sometimes it can be a difficult journey but I am learning to trust the materials and the process. 

Workshops have helped along the way, notably those organised by the Dorrigo Visual Arts Group, classes with Don Hutchison and a couple of week-long courses at Camp Creative. Also the valued support of friends travelling a similar path.”



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Di Clark

Di's paintings reflect her love of the natural world, especially birds, portraits of people and animals, life drawings, and landscapes. She works mainly in pastel, gouache, watercolour, and acrylic. You can contact Di on Tel: 0414 841 818 or Email:

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Katiuska Cruz


I have a B.A in Sculpture from Monash University, Melbourne and I'm also a self taught jeweller using the lost wax method. What really soothes my artistic soul though is painting, especially with my new medium of choice which is the FW Ink range. I find it to be a very forgiving medium to work with which adds to my enjoyment of painting and exploring the layering effect that I can achieve with it. As for my subject matter, I have always been drawn to mixing realism with fantasy and maybe sometimes add a few symbolic hidden messages as well. I'm a strong believer that everyone can and needs to create, whether it be through art, music, the written word or dance.

It is this reason that I started an art group in Melbourne called Thou Art Mum. I started the group after realising that once I became a mother 16 years ago I forgot to 'feed my own soul', which unfortunately lead to depression. Once I 'climbed' out of my darkness I wondered how many other mothers went through the same feelings. Now over 10 years later and a steady membership of 40 plus ladies each year, 'Thou Art Mum' has reassured me of how important it is to 'feed my own soul' artistically. 

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“I am a retired accountant who did not have the opportunity to pursue my interest in painting and sketching until I ceased working full-time in 2008. Since then I have attended community college courses as well as going on a few sketching and painting art tours. 

I moved from Sydney to Dorrigo in 2016 and was delighted to find a group of like-minded people living on the Plateau that has enabled me to attend workshops and increase the scope of my hobby. My painting and drawing remains an enjoyable hobby although since the opening of the Gallery 2453 in Dorrigo, I have sold some of my pen and ink sketches with watercolour washes. As well as pen and ink sketching, I paint in watercolour, soluble ink and acrylic.“



The teachers in Clare’s artistic development that awakened in her a desire to improve the technical skills which travel with creativity were Jack McDonough and Rae Andrews. Michael Taylor at Grafton Artsfest was also influencial in opening the way for her artistic development. She exhibits at Nexus Gallery in Bellingen and at the Creative Mountain Arts Exhibition in Dorrigo. Her subjects include landscapes, fantasy worlds and abstracts.



Sydney born and trained at the National Art School. From 1980 onwards: illustrator, graphic artist, muralist, art tutor, painter, printmaker and general mess-maker. Selected to exhibit in various regional galleries, she has had 14 solo exhibitions and been part of more than 65 group exhibitions. Chris has won many prizes and awards over her 50 years of image making.

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Anne Irvine

Anne Irvine has had a lifelong commitment to art, and always loved drawing more than any other creative experience. On discovering etching in 2007, she set up a studio and has been a full time printmaker ever since. Etching is an ideal medium for exploring drawing techniques and provides technical challenges, as well as the excitement of peeling a print from the plate to see what is there. Her work is usually based on natural objects

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I love drawing and drawing is the basis of art.

I’ve been drawing all my life and consequence to that, art for me is a process of the mind. Drawing is the best way to express it.

I don’t see art as a mission, to some it is more of a lifestyle than an industry, to me its more a contemplation, a meditation and a dream, but it is also something worthwhile and valid to do when I’m treading the water of life.

I’d rather do art and centre myself on celebrating the inner ceremony than waste my time on trying to change the outer ceremony.

The world is just too big to handle, the world predominantly looks after itself.

In the end all is vision.

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Richard Rees

“Art is all about self-expression. My work is a response to what I see in the world around me and my attempt to communicate this response to the viewer. My art practice has covered painting and drawing, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, and print making. However, currently most of my work is paintings in oils or acrylic paint on canvas, ranging from landscapes, portraiture, and abstract images.” 

Louise Stanton

Louise's paintings, in all mediums, are inspired by the bush, music, and people. Her work has sold widely and won many awards. A Life Member of the Arts Council of The Dorrigo, and long-time member of the Dorrigo Visual Arts Group, she is active in encouraging and supporting artists on the Dorrigo Plateau.